My name is soJin Chun and I have been training with Mestre Marcio Mendes since 2005. I am a visual artist and an Arts Administrator. Working in a fast paced environment, I have many thoughts going through my head all the time. Capoeira has become an outlet for me. When I am training, my thoughts slow down and I focus greatly in the moment, the movement, the music, the game. Capoeira is not only a martial art incorporating improvisation through dance but also a philosophy and a state of mind.


What I do: Designer and Musician. For me, capoeira is many things. It’s a very creative art form that combines physical movement with music and culture. A game of capoeira is like a conversation between two people, be they friends, rivals, or foes. One day, the game is competitive,

Ataque e Defesa

another day, playful. It is also an expression of my African heritage, by way of Brazil. Because it has so many sides to it, training in capoeira with Marcio has been a great way for me to grow as a person. On the one hand, it is physically challenging, which helps me to keep in shape and to conquer my fears. But Marcio’s approach to capoeira is also very philosophical. With his expert guidance, I approach capoeira as kind of meditation through movement. Capoeira is a way for me to raise my consciousness and develop understanding.



Since I’ve started capoeira my life changed. As a blind person I’ve had lots of challenges and capoeira helped me to face them everyday giving me more confidence and assurance. I had the great opportunity to take classes with Mestre Marcio Mendes, he is a great teacher and human being. His approach to capoeira is different to the sense that he sees each student as whole, each student has their own necessity and he can help a lot not just to understand the technique but how your body and spirit can work all together.