Private Lessons
Private capoeira lessons provide a faster and more efficient way to achieve your capoeira and health and fitness goals. Beginners can learn new moves and gradually develop confidence to play in the roda…
Capoeira is a Brazilian art form combines martial arts, dance, music, and game. It does inside a circle with music and songs. Capoeira helps to develop motor coordination, balance, flexibility and strength
Capoeira is one of the most powerful and meaningful expressions of Afro-Brazilian culture, an expression so multifaceted that it is understood as a martial style, style of dance and sport..
Aiming to provide a richer experience, Muiraquitã offers opportunities for its followers to experience capoeira in many ways besides the classes and workshops.
Throughout the programs you will be exposed to basics styles of Capoeira movements. You will be immersed in the music and instruments of Capoeira, all throughout gaining an understanding of the relationship between harmonics, total health and well-being

Adapted Capuera
Our goal is give people with disability a sense of inclusion and to have them have a fun, full and rich experience. We provide a healthy and supportive environment where they will learn a variety of capoeira movements, playing capoeira instruments and singing. Capoeira can provide body awareness, helping with confidence and social skills. It stimulates the intellect and their creativity. This program is for children and adults of all ages. If you need more information contact us for detail
Capuera for Seniors

Condominium Classes
The fist of it´s kind.
We partner with condominium corporations to conduct Capoeira workshops in the common facilities area for their residents. Working together with the management group, we design, promote and implement Capoeira workshops.