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Since I’ve started capoeira my life changed. As a blind person I’ve had lots of challenges and capoeira helped me to face them everyday giving me more confidence and assurance. I had the great opportunity to take classes with Mestre Marcio Mendes, he is a great teacher and human being. His approach to capoeira is different to the sense that he sees each student as whole, each student has their own necessity and he can help a lot not just to understand the technique but how your body and spirit can work all together.
About Master Marcio Mendes
Capuera in Canada and U.S.A.


MARCIO MENDES has accomplished a lot on his 30+ years of capuera. He started playing at a young age on the streets of Belem, his hometown back in Brazil. He was granted by his Master, Mestre Bezerra, the higher level of recognition in capuera, the title of Mestre (Master).

His unique approach to capuera has enabled him to teach a variety of people. Marcio has taught worldwide to kids/youth at risk, people with physical and mental disability, seniors and even prisoners(rehabilitation program). His capuera is about inclusion and acceptance. He was a teacher for a soccer junior league team in Brazil and has taught kids in sport clubs in Toronto.

Other accomplishments include being the first to establish a capuera course in Universities in Canada; the first to establish a capuera school in Toronto; recipient of grants from Ontario Arts Council to teach capuera in schools across Ontario; has been recognized by several government organizations in Brazil and Canada for his work in capuera. Marcio was the first in Canada to introduce capuera for seniors. He is currently the President of The National ( Association of Canada and Mestre Marcio Mendes Foundation.

Marcio in his never ending process of enriching his knowledge has earned the titles of CPR instructor for Red Cross, Personal Trainer by Canfitpro and more recently has become a Stretch Teacher certified by the renowned Australian professor Kit Laughlin ( He is also undertaking his master degree at York University in Fine Arts Body and Movement and an undergrad in Philosophy.

Marcio has created a technique called Treciral that is a result of many years of study and practice and is based on the ancient capuera. Currently Marcio is developing a work with Police Forces in different countries implementing his technique to teach a more efficient non-violent training in action situations. This work is generating a book that is going to be published next year.


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